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Journals devoted to lipids

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Food and
Nutrition journals on-line

International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements (Journal list)

American Journal of Nutrition
Food Science and Technology

Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry
(American Chemical Society)
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
(Official publication of the Int Network Food Data Systems)
Journal of Nutrition
Nutritional Medicine

Scientific journals

Directory of open access journals 

Free medical journals 

Physico-Chemical Biology - links to selected scientific journals and free resources in life science, computation, chemistry, physics, mathematics, education, library


Journal titles and abbreviations
Extensive list of journals
Virtual library of chemistry journals
Analytical Biochemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Antioxidants and Redox Signalling
Biochemistry (Moscow)  (All articles on line)

Biomedical Chromatography

Central European Journal of Chemistry

Current Opinion in Lipidology
Food Technology
Free Radical in Biology and Medicine
Free Radical Research
Frontiers in Bioscience
(A world wide journal and virtual library)
International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research
Glycoconjugate Journal
Internet Journal of Science - Biological Chemistry
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Chromatographic Science
Journal of High Resolution Chromatography

Journal of microcolumn separations

Journal of Planar Chromatography - Modern TLC. (Research Institute for Medicinal Plants in cooperation with Springer Hungarica, Budapest)
LC-GC International on-line (Liquid chromatography-Gas chromatography)
Molecules - Journal of synthetic chemistry and natural product chemistry (Free online journal)
New Scientist

Natural Products Report

Resources for Science and Technical writers
Science Magazine online
The most comprehensive list of chemistry journals on-line
WWW Journal of Biology

General organizations

British Standards Institution
US Food and Drug Administration
Organisation for Economic co-operation and Development (OECD) statistics
Research sites in the world
United Nations International Computing Center (ICC)
United Nations Statistics Divisions
World Trade Organization

European Institutions and organisations


Scientific Libraries

American Oil Chemists' Society Press
National Library of Medicine


List of free on line full-text articles 

Free medical journals

List of publishers

Publishers' Catalogues Home Page

Amazone Life Science Books
Elsevier Science
CRC Press
International cientific Communications - Publisher of scientific journals and tabloids
The oily Press (PJ Barnes et Associates) -
High-quality books on oils, fats and other lipids written and published by lipid experts
Wiley UK


Discussion Groups

BIOSCI bionet Newsgroup Archives
Chromatography on line - Chromatography forum
Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology

Lipid discussion group
(A discussion (mailing) list for those working in any lipid-related field). 

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Browsing on the net

(directory of Web pages for Biology from the Pasteur Institute).

Bioscience Links
(on-line collection of Internet resources on bioscience)
Biosci Register
- The online Biotech buyer's guide

(Commentary and analysis on some of the most important scientific advances of our time in the words of the scientists, ISI)
NewScientist Jobs
(The premier solution for science recruitment)
Open Directory Project : Sciences
(search engine categorizing search results)


Chromatography Resources on the web - Analytical Chemistry
 Springboard, Umea University, Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Analysis Resources on the Web (Chromatography, Journals, Services)
CHEMINFO - Chemical Information Sources, Indiana University
Chemistry and Industry Home Page
(Sources of suppliers)
Education Index
- Biology resources on the Web
Internet's Premier Research Library
Links for Chemists

Nutrition Navigator
OINGO Free Search
Power Links - your web guide to cyberspace

Surf Sites for CyberBiologists

Virtual Chemistry Center (Martindale's)

Virtual Medical Center (Martindale's)

Web crawlers
Web sites in France
Web sites in the world

WWW virtual Library in Bio Sciences

WWW virtual Library in Chemistry

WWW virtual Library in Medicine and Health

WWW virtual Library in Science

Yahoo Directory of Nutrition Topics

Other Information services


Sites devoted to Sciences

and Techniques

A Guide to HPLC
A.L. Consulting web site
- Portal of the supercritical Extraction Technology

Biochemist on line
Bioscience on line Analytical

Chromatography Resources
- All aspects (conferences, software, analytical chem. ...)

Hands-on Science Centers worldwide

HPLC Column Companion
- Practical advice on how to run HPLC

HPLC Doctor
- Troubleshooting site, University of Lisboa
International Food Information Council Foundation

Mass Spectrometry Resources - URL links to MS companies and their products
Middle Atlantic Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
(Service of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)

OLEAN - Information on the
brand OLESTRA 

Plateau Technique
RMN - Métabolome - Fluxome - Lipidome

Science on line
- Independent product information resource for laboratory scientists.

Separation (where separation matters)

Soft Matter World

Virtual Textbook on HPLC

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