Companies involved in Scientific Research

ABB Bomen - FT-IR based laboratory analyzers for oleochemistry
(Advanced Cell Diagnostics) - Breakthrough technology for in situ RNA detection
A.G Scientific, inc.

- Expertise in stem cell biology, including reprogramming of somatic cells
American Radiolabeled Chemical, inc.
Anachem - microLC equipment
Antec electrochemical detectors

Applied StemCell
inc - Advance stem cell innovation
Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd
- Multi-step synthesis for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and other industry, Coenzyme Q 10
BAS Technicol - Innovative Analytical Chemistry
Bruker Minispec
- Solid fat content analyzer
Camag - Chromatography systems, Planar chromatography
CHEMCAD - Logiciels pour la chimie, spectroscopie et biochimie

Chemical Industries Manufacturers
- compilation of chemical suppliers to easily source manufacturers for commodity and specialty chemicals by name or CAS registry number
Corporate resources involved in Life Science
- Food Analysis Test System for refined and nutritional oils

(formerly Gynkotec) - Manufacturer of HPLC systems
ESA - Coulometric detection, 2-D gel Electrophoresis, Analytical services

Glycon Biochemicals GmbH
- non ionic detergents, carbohydrates, glycosyl phosphates
Gynkotek HPLC
Hewlett Packard

Isco, Inc
- Liquid chromatography instruments and Supercritical fluid extractors (FastFat HT)

Jasco UK Ltd (HPLC systems)
JMBS Developpements - Software for chromatography (Le spécialiste français des logiciels de chromatographie)
Justice Laboratory Software
Knauer - Analytical HPLC instruments
Kamiya Biomedical Company
LC Packings (information for users working with capillary liquid chromatography)
Lonza, inc. - General chemistry
Machery-Nagel (products for filtration, chromatography and bioanalysis)
Merck Ltd (information on HPLC, GLC, TLC and biochromatography)
Metrohm Ion Analysis - Chromatography software
Mikrolab Aarhus
- Chromatography (GLC, HPLC), OXYDOGRAPH
Oxis International - Diagnostic products for free radicals and reactive oxygen species
Perkin Elmer
Pierce - Gas chromatography reagents
Polymer Laboratories (Columns, detectors for HPLC)
- VWR International

ProMab Biotechnologies
The largest database of monoclonal antibodies

R & D Systems'
Resonance Instruments Ltd
- NMR solutions for fat analysis in food industry

SAI - Distributors for DANI gas chromatographs
SGE Europe Ltd (Chromatography products: columns, syringes, consumables for other brands)
Scientific Software (technology and software programming)

(Supercritical fluid specialist - process development, equipment design and construction)
Shimadzu - LCMS, HPLC, GC/MS

Spark Instrumenten
Supelco (chromatographic supplies)

Thar designs - Supercritical extractions
Thermoquest (GC, GC/MS, CE, HPLC)

Tintometer Limited
- Instruments for colour analysis of oils and fats

Unicam Chromatography - Thermo electron corporation
Upchurch Scientific (HPLC products)
Varian Instruments
(HPLC columns and separation products)
Waters Corporation (large database for HPLC and SPE)
Whatman (laboratory separation products)
Western analytical (HPLC products)